Butterfly Tour

Butterfly Tour



演唱会最终有片段收录至Home Video 《#1's》中。在日本、澳大利亚和台湾地区发行了该演唱会的Tour Book。


  • 01. Looking in/Butterfly (Intro)
  • 02. Emotions
  • 03. The Roof
  • 04. My All
  • 05. Close My Eyes
  • 06. Daydream
  • 07. Dreamlover
  • 08. I'll be There
  • 09. Make It Happen
  • 10. One Sweet Day
  • 11. Fantasy
  • 12. Babydoll [日本]
  • 13. Whenever You Call
  • 14. Hopelessly Devoted to You [澳大利亚]
  • 15. Honey
  • 16. Breakdown
  • 17. Vision of Love
  • 18. Butterfly
  • 19. Without You
  • 20. Hero
  • 21. Butterfly (Outro)
  • 22. All I Want for Christmas is You [日本]


Mariah Carey
Sandy Gallin/Jim Morey: Personal Management
Louise McNally: Management Associate
Dwayne Taylor: Production Supervisor/Tour Comptroller
Directed & Staged By: Debbie Allen
Emilio Austin: Jr: Choreography
Lacy Darryl Philips: Associate Choreography/Director
Michael Richardson: Tour Manager
Tonjua Twist: Tour Stylist
Katie Dreghorn: Personal Assistant to Mariah Carey
Stephanie Lee: Personal Assistant to Mariah Carey
Elizabeth Winchester: Wardrobe
Melissa Molinar: Wardrobe
Raleigh Lay: Security

Trey Lorenz: Special Guest

Randy Jackson: Musical Director/Bass
Vernon Black: Guitar
Marquinho Brasil: Percussion
Eric Daniels: Keyboards
Gregory Gonaway: Drums
Andrew Sherman: Keyboards

Background Vocals: Melonie Daniels, Deborah Cooper, Sherry McGhee, Nicol Richards, Mary Ann Tatum

Dancers: Robert Barnett, Jamel Brown, Edgar Godineaus, Christopher Latimer, Henry McMillian, Raymond Ultarte, Ejoe Wilson, Terry Wright, Denosh Bennett, Joey Dowling, Nadine Ellis, Kutia Jawara, Leticia Roman, Rina Takahashi

Dayon Valdez: Assistant Tour Manager
George Packer: Production Manager

Arthur Russo: Stage Manager
Peter Morse: Lighting Designer/Director
Michael Keating: House Sound Engineer
Vish Wadi: Monitor Engineer
Carol Dodds: Video Director

Michael McKnight: Programmer
Don Goldstein: Keyboard Technician
John Gabrielli: Guitar Technician
Ramon Huggins: Drum Technician

Clay Brakeley: Lighting Crew Chief
Lighting Technicians: Robert Fry, Storm Sollars, Ryan Nicholson, Garry Waldie

Jeff Hartford: Lead Vari-Light Technician
Art Rich: Vari-Light Operator
Stuart Felix: Vari-Light Technician

Gene Philips: Sound Technician

Tom Battista: Head Carpenter
Carpenters: Bea Oliver, Mike Garabedian, Rob Krolicki
Norman Gomes: Head Rigger
Jim Branam: Fly Track Rigger
Martha Oxnard: Backstage Ambiance

Terry Brennen: Video Crew Chief
Josh Alberts: Video Engineer
Projectionists: Robbie Alvarez, Cliff Hannon
Camera Operators: Tracy Calderon, Jenny Clark, Peggy Powers

Tour Book Design: John Coulter
Japanese Translation & Typesetting: Shu Miyazawa
Tour Merchandising: Dell Furano, Bucky Brattin, Sony Signatures


January 11, 1998 Tokyo Dome [Tokyo, Japan] Asia
January 14, 1998 Tokyo Dome [Tokyo, Japan] Asia
January 17, 1998 Tokyo Dome [Tokyo, Japan] Asia
January 21, 1998 Tokyo Dome [Tokyo, Japan] Asia
January 24, 1998 Municipal Stadium [Taipei, Taiwan] Asia
January 31, 1998 Entertainment Center [Brisbane, Australia] Australia
February 03, 1998 Entertainment Center [Sydney, Australia] Australia
February 06, 1998 Entertainment Center [Sydney, Australia] Australia
February 10, 1998 Burswood Dome [Perth, Australia] Australia
February 13, 1998 Melbourne Park [Melbourne, Australia] Australia
February 16, 1998 * Flinders Park [Melbourne, Australia] Australia
February 21, 1998 Aloha Stadium [Honolulu, Hawaii] USA